Falkovich O., Palkin I. // Materials of the Seventh International Scientific and Practical Conference "Subsoil Use in Ukraine. Prospects of Investment (2021, Lviv). Vol. 1- K , State Commission of Ukraine for Mineral Resources, 2021. – P. 241—245.

The problem our own mineral resource base creation was considered relatively often since Ukraine became independent. However, this issue was never analyzed systematically. Besides, current investment demands during geological survey and ore processing scheme establishment were not taken into account. The purpose of the paper is estimating the available information on the prospectives of Prutivka complex sulphide copper-nickel ores deposit management and revealing the necessary steps to prepare the deposit to the development emphasizing its complexity. The paper analyzes the data of last 25 years published sources on the prospectives of Ukrainian territory ore content for colour and precious metals. It considers the potential platinum bearing and includes author’s experience and data. Lack and inconsistency of accessible information about the perspectiveness of Prutivka complex sulphide copper-nickel and precious metal ores deposit revealed. The need to change approaches to development and preparation of the deposit is proven. These approaches must be based on contemporary complex ore processing schemes taking into account modern investment demands. The final conclusions concerning the industrial importance and investment attractiveness of the Prutivka complex deposit can be done after the defined workflow based on the modern worldwide standards.


Palkina O.,  Falkovich 0. // Materials of the Seventh International Scientific and Practical Conference "Subsoil Use in Ukraine. Prospects of Investment (2021, Lviv). Vol. 1- K , State Commission of Ukraine for Mineral Resources, 2021. – P. 206—209.

The questions of searching for industrial fields of diamonds in direct search features are the findings of diamonds. The probable reasons for the low effectiveness of the slurry mineral method in search of diamonds in Ukraine are called. The findings of diamonds in terrigenous deposits of Ukraine are analyzed, their territorial and age-old manifestations, possible sources of receipt. Comparison of diamonds from terrigenous deposits of Ukraine with diamonds of indigenous deposits of different genetic type of other regions is performed. It is concluded that the territory of Ukraine has prospects for opening diamonds. Taking into account the current economic expediency and modern degree of study of diamonds in the territory of Ukraine, it is necessary to direct efforts in search of industrial fields and focus on the finds of diamonds with signs of kimberlite. The primary searches of kimberlite sources of diamonds, in the opinion of the authors, should be performed in -quest-western (Ovruchko - Bilokorovitsky) part, as well as within the Pridneprovsky and Kirovograd Blocks of UC. A compulsory condition for further exploration works on the search of diamond deposits should be a large-volume mineralogical and technological test, oriented to detect diamonds in a size of not less than 1.0 mm. Only on the results of these works it will be possible to draw conclusions about the prospects of industrial diamonds of allocated areas.


Falkovich О. , Kurylo M. //Materials of the Seventh International Scientific and Practical Conference "Subsoil Use in Ukraine. Prospects of Investment (2021, Lviv). Vol. 1- K , State Commission of Ukraine for Mineral Resources, 2021. – P. 31—35.

The publication discusses the main trends in exploration and mining of ore deposits in Ukraine and all over the world. The features of the regulatory, organizational and production conditions for carrying out work on the geological study of objects have been determined. The main disadvantages and advantages of the sphere of subsoil use on the part of the investor are described. Comparison of subsoil use conditions with world practice is given.

Falkovich O. l., Palkin I. Ye.  / Science and Innovation, 2021, № 17(4), з. 55–61.

The growing interest in the possibility of obtaining certain types of strategic (critical) metals has prompted the intensification of research in this area. Many research works have dealt with creating a mineral resource base of strategic (critical) metals. However, this issue has not been systematically considered, and no respective industrial strategy has been developed so far. Insufficient attention is paid to modern investment requirements, especially during exploration and selection of ore processing schemes. The purpose of this research is to assess the available information on the prospects for the development of the Prutivskyi deposit of sulfide copper-nickel and precious metal ores and to outline the priority steps in order to prepare the deposit for integrated development. Information from open (published) sources for the last 25 years, which concerns the ore-bearing capacity of Ukraine for precious and non-ferrous metals, in particular the potential platinum-bearing capacity, has been critically analyzed, given the authors’ knowledge and experience. The authors have shown the insufficiency of the available information on the prospects of the Prutivskyi deposit of sulfide copper-nickel and precious metal ores and the inconsistency of some sources. At present, about 20% of ore-promising rocks of the Prutivka intrusive massif has been studied with varying level of detail.The authors have proven the necessity of changing approaches to the field preparation and development that should be based on modern schemes for integrated ore processing, given world investment requirements. It has been shown that the final conclusion on the industrial significance and investment attractiveness of the Prutivskyi deposit can be made only after the implementation of a clearly defined set of works in compliance with modern world standards.

Palkina O.,  Falkovich 0.

Some important questions concerning the application of methods of searches of diamond deposits on direct search signs — finds of diamonds are considered and indicator minerals of kimberlites. The probable reasons for the low efficiency of the dressing-mineralogical method in the search for diamond deposits in Ukraine are named.  The article is based on materials from the study of diamonds found in uneven-aged placers in Ukraine, in primary and alluvial diamond deposits in other regions. Based on the analysis performed, it was concluded that the territory of Ukraine has clear prospects for the discovery of diamond deposits. Based on the analysis, it is concluded that the territory of Ukraine has clear prospects for the discovery of diamond deposits. Taking into account the current economic feasibility and the current degree of study of the diamond-bearing territory of Ukraine, the primary search for kimberlite sources of diamonds, in the opinion of the authors should be performed in the north-western (Ovruch-Bilokorovytsia) part, as well as within the Dnieper and Kirovograd blocks. A prerequisite for further exploration work for diamond deposits should be a large-scale mineralogical and technological test aimed at detecting diamonds with a size of at least 1.0 mm. Only based on the results of these works it will be possible to conclude the prospects of the industrial diamond-bearing capacity of the allocated areas.

Bariatska N.

Developed countries use a list of critical minerals to identify and stimulate priority areas for the mineral resource base development. The article provides an overview and main features of the terms “critical minerals”, “critical elements”, “critical commodities”, “critical materials”, “critical elements”. The criticality parameters (indicators) are supply risk and economic importance, production concentration, changing the size of the market and geological resources, market dynamics (changing prices). Various methods for assessment the criticality of minerals are analyzed in the article. Lists of critical minerals USA, Australia, EU, Canada are compared. The amount and names of critical minerals vary from region to region and may change over time.

Safronova N.

The creation of an electronic archive, database of retrospective data and their use for creating 3D model is considered on the example of the Balakhivka graphite deposit.

Bariatska N.

The area of use of the three-dimensional deposit model depends on the confidence and accuracy of the initial data. Models based on retrospective (historical) data can be used to prospective assessment of the deposit and exploration work planning. These capabilities are demonstrated by the example of the Prutivka copper-nickel deposit.

Bariatska N., Safronova N.

For modeling and resource estimating of mineral deposits, control of the correctness the resource model is very important. There are a lot of methods for identification and elimination critical errors, including the application of incorrect methods in modeling and resource estimation. Geological objects, in particular mineral deposits, are highly complex, so a model created on the basis of a limited set of data cannot be true. It should reflect the individual properties and parameters with enough sufficient to solve actual practical problems. It can be achieved using an optimal set of verification procedures at different stages of creating a resource model.

Falkovich 0., Kurylo M.

Level of geological knowledge of Ukrainian ore deposits is conditioned by normative documents’ requirements of the former USSR for exploration works, because of most of ore objects were studied before the formation of independent Ukraine. In fact, about 95 percent of Ukraine's ore deposits cannot rely on foreign investment without additional work due to a lack of geological, environmental, technological, mining and social issues that does not meet requirements of current international mining project standards. According to international standards, all mining projects are divided according to the stage of geological and feasibility study and readiness for development, namely scoping, prefeasibility and feasibility study. Each stage includes a specific list of required data, but first of all, it is reliability assessment of primary geological data QA-QC (electronic archive of primary geological documentation, presence of core material, residues and duplicates of samples, databases with samples coordinates in the international system). There are proposes to create conditions for companies development that could prepare ore deposits for obtaining international investment and credit resources, namely to provide for harmonization of the State Balance of Minerals Reserves with international standards, secondly, to develop methodological recommendations for reporting geological and economic exploration of subsoil, taking into account the international requirements for such reporting, and consider such reports as possibility of obtaining international loans.

Prokopenko O., Kurylo M.

The main cut-off parameter determining quality of iron ore reserves is the cut-off grade of Fe magn. It is proposed a method for choosing the optimum values of cut-off grade Fe in evaluation of BIF deposits on the example of one of the West Azov deposits. Dynamics of reserves’ quantity and quality have analyzed depending on changes in cut-off grade, and fluctuations in average grade have been taken into account.. The optimal values of cut-off grade of Fe magn within 12-14 % are substantiated using geostatistics and spatial modeling.

Bariatska N., Safronova N.

The results of the comparison of reserves calculated by the traditional (polygonal) method and using block modelling are given. It is concluded that reserves calculated by different methods are well corresponded, but the local distribution of ore parameters (commercial component grade, etc.) is more accurately reflected in block modelling of deposit.

Falkovich 0.

Ukraine's mineral and raw materials base should be considered in the context of the European raw material base, and on the basis of this, the list of «critical» MS for Ukraine should be considered as the only one for the whole of Europe. Given the rapid globalization of the world, the list of «critical» mineral raw materials for Ukraine needs to be approved on the basis of already recognized by the leading powers of the world, which is relevant at present.

Bariatska N., Geychenko M., Safronova N.

The key aspects for the solid mineral deposits modeling are considered in order to use such models for resource estimation and economic-geological evaluation of deposits (prefeasibility, feasibility study) through the example of Shevchenkivsky deposit.

Bariatska N., Safronova N.

For modeling and resource estimating of ore deposits, an important aspect is the stage-by-stage control of the quality of performed operations, as well as the correctness of the constructed model as a whole. The purpose of this article is to analyze the methods and techniques for validating the results of each stages of three-dimensional modeling and resource estimation of mineral deposits.

Bariatska N., Safronova N.

The comparison of mineral reserves and resources classification of State fund of mineral reserves of Ukraine with international classifications is presented, as well as the peculiarities and prospects of their use in Ukraine.

Falkovich 0.

The study of the object should not depend directly on the type of special permit for the object of subsoil use. If a sub- user wants to risk his own funds and starts mining at the subsoil level, at which time there are only unclassified (unclassified) and predictable (inferred) resources, the state should allow it, under strict control over the program of development of the object, which presented a subsoil-user. Each subsoil user determines to what extent he studies the geological, technological and mining properties of the deposit, the main thing is that the economic benefit of further study was greater than the cost of such study. Thanks to the modern approach to the development of the deposit, namely, the construction of a three-dimensional model allows the subsoil-user to outline mining plans with a certain quality of ores, to choose the best technique for opening and extraction works.

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