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At Geology Service Company we believe that each project is unique and therefore requires a unique approach. We enjoy working closely with our clients to create custom tailored solutions for each project. Each service we provide undergoes relentless continual improvement so that our services are not only the best around, they also offer the best value for our clients.

Geodetic surveying

Geodetic surveying at different scales (accuracy - up to 10 cm horizontally, up to 5 cm vertically). Instrumental binding of various objects (wells, mines, buildings and structures, etc.), mine surveying underground workings


Systematization and interpretation (analysis) of all existing data on the object, including the creation of geological exploration databases for storage and automated processing of information. Creation of various graphic materials using modern GIS

Geophysical surface

Geophysical work, surface and downhole (gravity, magnetic, electrical, spectrometry, radiometry; a set of logging methods for ore objects, non-metallic materials and groundwater), including field work, as well as qualitative and quantitative interpretation of the results of field studies


Allocation of prospective areas for various minerals based on scientific forecasting and the integrated use of geological and geophysical, geochemical, mineralogical, petrographic, hydrogeological and other types of data using the latest computer technologies


Evaluation of prospective resources and reserves according to the classification of State Commission on Mineral Reserves of Ukraine, as well as according to international classifications of countries of the CRIRSCO community (JORC)

Study of technological properties

Study of technological properties for the enrichment of ore minerals. The preparation of technological schemes by using modern technological equipment. Performance of a technological audit of existing concentration mill with the issuance of recommendations for improving the technological parameters of enrichment

Geological and economic evaluation

Preparation of feasibility study of minerals for investments in mining projects. Geological and economic evaluation of deposits at different stages

Geological Support

Geological support of existing mines and concentration mill. Consulting services on various issues in the geological study, mining and processing of minerals.